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American Civil Liberties Union - The ACLU was born in the early 20th century when the government was rounding up "activists" and deporting them for fear that they were supporting the Communist Revolution. It started as a small organization and has blossomed into a massive driving force for protecting civil liberties.

Freedom of the Press Foundation - Another organization whose main mission is to monitor any censorship in the press and start internet advocacy campaigns for issues that arise.

Freedom House - An organization that monitors freedom of the press in the United States and across the world. 

Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press - A nonprofit founded in 1970 by journalists and media lawyers during a time of government attempts at controlling the media.


Student Press Law Center - A podcast that examines media, in general, with several episodes about freedom of the press.

MIT Press Podcast - Another podcast that looks at media as a whole, but has episodes dedicated to free of the press.


Click on the Supreme Court to see a list of the many cases that have shaped our Freedom of Press in America.

To read full complete transcripts of these cases, search them on Justia or Oyez.

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