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American Civil Liberties Union - The ACLU was born in the early 20th century when the government was rounding up "activists" and deporting them for fear that they were supporting the Communist Revolution. It started as a small organization and has blossomed into a massive driving force for protecting civil liberties.

Free Speech Debate - This website is a wealth of information on all aspects of free speech. Created by professors, fellows, and students in the fields of Social Policy, Economic History, European and Russian History, Law and Public Policy, this is an objective site with reliable information.

Free Speech for People - Much more activist-oriented, this site will provide you with information on direct actions one can take to protect free speech from those who seek to curb it.

University of California Irvine - The Office of Inclusive Excellence at UCI - Irvine has put together a page on the interaction of academic freedom and free speech. 

Exploring Constitutional Law - This is a pathfinder about Constitutional Law by Doug Linder, Professor of Law at Univ. of Missouri - Kansas City. You will not get bored pouring over these well-researched pages.

Foundation for Individual Rights in Education - This site is geared toward free speech on college and university campuses. The organization has taken on several university speech codes and has developed the Spotlight Speech Codes Database detailing the speech policies of universities nation-wide and giving grades to them.




Stay Tuned with Preet - This is a great podcast created by Preet Bharara, a former U.S. attorney. It is really well thought out and clearly articulated, even for those of us who do not have a law background.

Constitution Center Podcast - Jeffrey Rosen leads conversations with scholars from a variety of viewpoints in topics about the Constitution.


Click on the Supreme Court to see a list of the many cases that have shaped our Freedom of Speech in America.

To read full complete transcripts of these cases, search them on Justia or Oyez.

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