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Meeting Room Policy and Use Application

New Salem Public Library
Meeting Room Policy

As a public service, the Library welcomes the use of its meeting room by non-profit groups or organizations of a civic, cultural or educational character. The room is not available for the benefit of private individuals (including but not limited to parties, private functions, play dates, etc.) or commercial enterprises. Use of the meeting room does not imply that the Library advocates or endorses any ideas or viewpoints expressed during meetings or by meeting room users.

All groups must submit an application form at least 7 days in advance. Requests may be made up to 3 months in advance. Permission will then be secured from the Director or Assistant. Room use will not be confirmed until the form is received and availability is determined. Staff members may confirm for “repeat users” if the meeting room is available.

Library programs/meetings have the first priority followed by the Friends, Town departments and official Town Boards, otherwise the meeting room will be assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Changes to meetings must be submitted in advance of the meeting. When possible, cancellations should be made no later than the day before.

Meeting Room Regulations

The following regulations must be followed:

Seated occupancy in the Community Room is limited to 35-40 people to allow for safe evacuation.  A clear path to the exit from all areas of the room must be maintained at all times. Maximum capacity of 50 people when standing. The applicant should not exceed these counts for fire safety, evacuation, and health reasons.

No admission fee may be charged and no sales are permitted for any group using the Library without advance written permission from the Board of Trustees; the Friends of the Library and the Library itself are exempt from these limitations. No literature may be distributed at a meeting without the permission of the Director.

Food and non-alcoholic beverages may be brought in for group meetings as long as it is prepared elsewhere. Each group is expected to be responsible for leaving the room as they found it, cleaning the kitchen area and tables if needed, and replacement of any lost or damaged equipment. [Please be aware that library staff are not available to assist with any equipment during a meeting or event.] 

Prior to the meeting, arrangements must be made to pick up a key during library open hours. After the meeting, the door(s) must be locked, and the key must be left on the counter with a note indicating the number of people attending the meeting. 
If these regulations have not been followed, the group will be unable to use the meeting room in the future.

It is understood that the public will be welcomed at all meetings. All groups using the meeting room must adhere to the policies of the Library Board of Trustees.

Upon adequate notice and for adequate reasons, the Library reserves the right to revoke permission to use the meeting room. Interpretation of this policy is at the discretion of the Director.

Approved by the Library Board of Trustees [04.16.2024] 

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