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Meeting Room Policy and Use Application

New Salem Public Library

Meeting Room Reservation and Use Policy


New Salem Public Library offers the Community Room for educational, recreational and civic purposes, provided that such use does not interfere with regular library services or programs.  All users must read the policy below, adhere to the policy, and complete the New Salem Public Library Room Use Application.

General Information, Availability, and How to Reserve:

Regular library service must take precedence over all other activities, and the use of the meeting space must not interfere with the operation of the library. Meeting space is available by arrangement with the Director.

The use of Library meeting spaces will be reserved on first-come, first served basis.  The application should be completed by a responsible member of the organization or individual applying, and submitted to Library staff at least two weeks (but not more than 6 months) prior to the date of the reservation.  A cleaning deposit is required with the application, detailed in Fee paragraph below.  The Director and Chair of the Trustees will review applications for suitability to Library space, and reserve the right to refuse any application.  Applicants will be notified within 10 days of application with approval (or disapproval) using contact information provided on the form.  Use of the library’s audiovisual equipment as part of the reservation should be highlighted in the application, and must be operated by a qualified person.  Appointments for the door key to access the building will be managed by the Director and her staff during normal open hours of the Library.

Use of the Library Community Rooms by any group does not constitute endorsement of that group’s policies or activities by the Library, the Trustees, or the Town of New Salem.


Occupancy is limited in the Community Room to 50 people.  The applicant should not exceed this count for fire safety, evacuation and health reasons. 

Requirements from the Applicant:

All meetings must be open to the public. Private parties by invitation only are not permitted.  A group or individual can charge an admission fee for programs held on Library property only with prior approval in writing from the Board of Library Trustees. Groups or individuals using the Library meeting rooms may sell merchandise. 

 No smoking is allowed in the building or near the main entrance.  Only light refreshments may be served in the meeting rooms. There are no kitchen facilities. Groups must remove all leftover light refreshments and remove the trash.  Alcoholic beverages may be served or consumed on premises only with all required permits from the Town and/or State, such as One Day Liquor permit from the Selectmen, SafeServe certification, etc.  Groups holding meetings or programs must assume responsibility for any loss or damage to Library property. The facilities must be left in order, clean, and trash free.  Nothing may be hung on the walls of the Library, attached to furniture, or used to mark any surfaces in the Library. 

The Library is not responsible for materials, supplies, or equipment owned by the group and used by them in the Library.

All individuals using Library space by reservation shall leave alone all Library property, including computer and copying equipment, books, videos, any other borrowing materials.  All individuals and groups shall also stay out of the non-reserved parts of the Library, the counter and staff areas, the Director’s office, etc.

Cancellations, Weather, Storms and other emergencies:

Cancellation of a meeting room reservation by the applicant is required at least 48 hours prior to the reservation. Failure to notify the Library of a cancellation in the scheduled use of a meeting room may result in the denial of any future requests by the sponsoring organization and the forfeit of the deposit. 

The Library Community Room will not be available for use in the event that the building is closed due to emergency conditions or inclement weather.  Groups that have reserved a library meeting room should listen to the local radio station or call the library for announcements of delayed openings or early closings.  The Library generally follows storm closing of Swift River School, announced on radio at WHAI 98.3, WHMP 96.9, WWLP channel22, and WJDF 97.3.  Deposits will be returned to the applicant if the Library closes unexpectedly due to these types of weather conditions, power outage, or unforeseen events.


All applications (exception below) to use the Library rooms should be accompanied by a cleaning deposit of $25.00, check or money order.  The deposit will be returned to the applicant following staff inspection of the spaces following the reservation, and following return of keys to the building if issued.  Violation of any part of the policy may result in the loss of the deposit. 

Town of New Salem municipal boards and committees are exempt from the requirement for cleaning deposit.  While not charged the deposit fee, municipal boards are not exempt from any other requirements of Library space as described in this policy.

Meeting Room Application:


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