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9Trustees Policy

The New Salem Board of Trustees is overseen by a three member group with assignments of the positions of Chairperson, Treasurer, and Secretary.  The NSPL Board of Trustees is expected to abide by the rules and regulations set forth in the Massachusetts Public Library Trustee Handbook (MPLTH) (a publication of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners). 

All trustees are expected to attend regularly scheduled meetings as is expressed in the terms of membership covered in the Massachusetts’ General Laws Chapter 78 Sections 10 – 13. 

Trustee positions are elected by the town for the categories of service outlined in the introduction to section 9.  Each term of service is designated for three years, at which time re-election by the voting members of the Town of New Salem will have the opportunity to elect an official for the office post, or until such time as a letter of resignation is delivered if prior to the end of the term of office for which the member was elected. 

The NSPL Trustee position monthly obligations are categorized according to title:

Chair:  Arranges and plans all meetings; moderates meetings and sets the agenda with input from the Library Director, other trustees and Friends of the Library group (if one exists.); abides by and supports the general trustee responsibilities as outlined in the MPLTH with regards to Legal Matters, Human Resource Matters, Planning and Evaluation Matters, Governance and Policy Matters, Financial Matters and Continuing Education Matters  in accordance with Massachusetts Open Meeting Law M.G.L c. 30A section 18 – 25.  All NSPL Trustee meetings are subject to said law unless otherwise arranged.  Executive meetings can be scheduled and must follow the General Personnel Policies set forth by the Town of New Salem.  Scheduling of such meetings will follow town procedure for notification.

Treasurer:  Reports on the expenditures for the library each month to the trustees; records and oversees monthly purchases in conjunction with the library director; assists the trustee board and director with the annual budget. Treasurer also oversees the budget management of trust funds.

Secretary:  Records and reports all meeting activities with a “minutes” report at the outset of the following meeting;  performs all correspondence with regards to matters within the trustees purview. Contributes a review report for the Annual Town Report and oversees organization of all records of NSPL Trustee matters for public availability at the library.

All trustees are obligated to observe the recommended responsibility chart in the MPLTH chapter 1.12 – 1.17, whereby the responsibilities of trustee members are further outlined with regards to Governance and Policy Making, Legal Responsibilities, Human Resources Responsibilities, Planning Responsibilities, Financial Responsibilities, and Continuing Education Responsibilities.


Reviewed and approved by the Board of Trustees 2.8.22

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