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1.  Introduction / Community and Library Profile and Mission Statement

The Town of New Salem and the New Salem Public Library (NSPL) belong to the new 2nd Congressional District. Franklin District 2 is located in North Central Massachusetts with a land area of 45.05 sq. mi. and a population of approximately 1,020. The Town was established in 1737.  Residents of the town are employed throughout the state with a large commuting population of working residents.  A large number of the residents are retired and living in family homes owned for more than one generation.  Young families and retirees are attracted to the rural atmosphere and lower housing costs. 

According the 2000 census 41.6% of New Salem residents have a Bachelor’s Degree or higher.  With this high level of educated residents the new Salem Public Library (NSPL) and its services was indicated as an important service for the community in the survey sent out for the Long Range Plan of 2008 – 2012.

The NSPL was established in 1889 with 848 books purchased for beginning the collection.  In 2004 the library was awarded a grant from the Massachusetts board of Library Commissioners (MBLC) to renovate an existing structure in town and the newest NSPL was opened on July of 2006.  The library is located in the Historic District of the town center and as of November, 2011 the facilities include: 4 patron –use desk top computers; 3 laptop and net books; 3 e-readers; Adult fiction and non- fiction sections; public seating and meeting space; magazine newspaper racks; a separate children’s area’ couches and stuffed chairs; internet service; 9929 books; 235 audio books and music; 1247 videos and DVD’s 26 magazine subscriptions; an assortment of puzzles and games.  There are currently 510 registered borrowers who all have interlibrary loan service available through CW MARS.

The mission of the NSPL is to provide a community center that supports life-long learning.  The library strives to meet the resident’s needs with educational; recreational and cultural materials by providing print and non-print materials; technology resources, educational and cultural enrichment programs for children and adults.  The library director and staff offers service in current technologies and provide vital information services for the community members.

Policies are voted and approved by the NSPL Board of Trustees on 5/16/2012 and will be valid and binding for 5 years from the date of approval by the NSPL Board of Trustees, or until 5/16/2016 at which time our policies will be revised as determined by the NSPL Board of Trustees at such time.

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