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5.  Friends of the Library Policy and Volunteers Policy

a. Volunteer work must be approved by the Library Director and Trustees, either directly or through programs managed by the Friends group.

b. Volunteers will check in with the library staff before starting work.

c. Volunteers are expected to meet commitments for ongoing work and notify the library if they are unable to be present when expected.

d. All volunteers shall record their hours worked on the signup sheet at the library front desk. This will illuminate the benefits of the volunteers’ work and enable recognition of their efforts.


Friends of the Library Policy

a. The Library Director and a member of the Library Board of Trustees shall be non-voting members of the Friends of the New Salem Public Library Board of Directors.  They are expected to attend the Friends’ Board meetings to facilitate communication of Library needs and plans. The Friends may send the Board Chair or other representatives to Library Trustees’ meetings. 

b. Plans for programs and events sponsored by the Friends to take place in the library must be approved by the Library Director and Trustees.

c. Library staff cannot provide additional support for events sponsored by the Friends, e.g. working extra hours, setting up furniture, or cleanup, without prior agreement by the Director.

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