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6.  Institutional Liaison Policy (Civic; Religious; Educational and Political) Institutional Liaison Policy

The Library Director shall act as liaison between civic, religious, educational and political institutions unless otherwise required by law or practical limitations.  The Board of Trustees may approve other library staff to act as liaison in situations where the Library Director is unable.  The Library director can be contacted through post, internet and phone by any public or private institution which desires to cooperate in materials collection, programming and other services that are offered by the New Salem Public Library. 

The library director, library staff and library trustees may provide any public information to any public or private organization wishing to collaborate with the NSPL.  These requests will be processed as library staff have available time and resources to provide the requested information.  Any significant collaboration between libraries, schools or other institutions may require discussion by the library trustees during the public Board of Trustees meetings held monthly at the NSPL.

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